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Early morning, light and mist


It looked like it would be a clear winter morning here. I had set the alarm clock to 5 to see if I could capture some good light. And also try out my new Cotton Carrier vest. Always on the lookout for good solutions on how to carry the gear around with minimum effort. More on that in some later post.


I wasn’t the only early bird today. These guys are serious about their ice-fishing. I see them going out and staying the whole day out on the fjord outside Kalvøya near by where I live.


As I was strolling around looking for shots I noticed the morning fog creeping in, pulling a grey blanket over the coast. It looked like I would miss out on that special morning light today. Not that I minded too much, there are always good landscape photo opportunities, one just have to adjust to what Mother Earth dishes up.


I saw that the areas higher up were still bathed in winter morning light, so after a little while i decided I would make a detour on my way home and see if i could get me some of that. i packed my gear and drove up to Tanum church. It’s a lovely old building dating all the way back to somewhere around 1100-1130.


It was rebuilt and expanded around 1700. Both the exterior and interior have been popular motives for various artists. The area around here is also known for several iron age burial mounds and it is said that the church itself is built on an ancient ritual place.

As I was just getting out of the car and starting to shoot i saw that the fog was catching up with me.


It seemed this would be a day for misty pictures so i headed out on a field along ski tracks that goes deeper in to the forest.


The mist was getting thicker by the minute.


Until it grayed out all contours and painted the the landscape in soft soft light.



But just as fast as it had descended it started to clear up again. I wasn’t given much time to grab this, and also I had to keep to the ski track. I tried walking out on the field to get some shots from another angle and immediately sunk to my thighs in rotten snow.


And then it cleared up as I headed back to the car after a good photo-morning here in the freezy North.


BTW, it has been a specially cold spring this year. A colleague at work told me yesterday that it had been 21 C degrees warm on that day exactly one year ago.






Another sunny day here up North as we’re going into Easter holiday. I had an hour to kill before picking Elsie up at work and decided to grab my gear and take a little walk on Hvalstrand (Literally “Whale beach”). It’s a popular place in the summer, at least it used to be when I was a kid. I still remember the terror the first time I jumped from the tower  🙂

The restaurant on the beach is a quite interesting piece of functionalism architecture. I have taken some pictures of it previously, but I will come back some day – maybe in the morning light – and see if I can take some better shots of it.


The action today was not so much on the beach as out on the fjord. The ice is still pretty thick this late in the season because of the cold winter.


As I headed back to the car I turned around (always a good thing to do when shooting pictures) and spotted a couple who had climbed up in the tower. Her shoes where really lightening up the scene, and I grabbed this shot with my  telephoto lens:


An hour on the beach, quite enjoyable even in the winter. It’s interesting to be able to “walk on water” and grab shots of well known places from the unusual off-shore perspective.



Went up along Isi river (Isielva) this afternoon with Elsie. The sun has been shining the whole weekend and there are some signs now that we will finally get some warmer weather.


There’s still almost a meter of snow on the ground so if the weather changes suddenly now and snow melts rapidly the river will be flooded.


Elsie went here a little while ago and got some pictures of a bird she hadn’t seen here before. And suddenly she saw it again and notified me. She only knew the Swedish name for it, and when she looked it up later it turned out to be a white-throated dipper (Cinclus cinclus) or in Norwegian “fossekall”. It is actually the National bird of Norway, whatever that means. When I started shooting pictures it had just come up of the water where it had caught a fish.



It then started whacking the fish around on the ice until it finally had killed it and started eating it. Fun to watch. Too bad i didn’t have crop camera and teleconverter  today. The pictures here are taken at 200 mm but had to be cropped almost to 1:1. So no nice high resolution pics this time, but the bird is still recognizable.


This is where a full format camera is a nice tool to have however. The full resolution version of this picture really pops out with practically no post production work needed.

Getting started…

130213-09718-EditHere goes, my very first blog and an attempt to make a site to publish some of the pictures I’ve taken recently. This is work in progress so the menus, categories, selected pictures and such will be subject to a lot of changes I guess. Please feel free to leave comments on my work.

So far I have made some rough categories – “Air” for landscape pictures, “Being” for photos with people and tame/wildlife and “Shape” for more or less everything else. I know this is a bit messy, and I will probably find a better solution as I go on.


I am still mostly playing around for the sake of experimenting and learning. So I haven’t really found my expression yet, and maybe I never will. This isn’t really very important for me now, it’s all about the enjoyment of learning, being creative and playing with very nice toys.


As you will see in the galleries I’ve put up so far most photos fall into the landscape category, so that’s where I’m at for the moment. But as i will (hopefully) be travelling a bit around in the future I aim to get more into street photography as well. I find this somewhat challenging now and people who know something about it will know what many of these challenges consist of. At least I now have the excellent little Fujifilm X100 camera and that is a great tool for that kind of photography.

Special events like sports and concerts are also fascinating to try to capture. I had a go at a concert in Oslo a few weeks ago and i have some pictures from that event up at Google+ which I will link to here also.


Well, the weather is nice, so I should grab my gear and get out now.